Baltic Noir drama.
A criminal drama miniseries based on Andris Kolbergs; crime novel “Meklējiet sievieti” (Don’t call
for me, don’t look for me!, Life of soviet secret agent ,1996)
Crime drama/investigative/KGB/historical,
Runtime 350min, 7x45, HD, 2022
Language: Latvian, Russian (english subtitles)
Country: Latvia, Lithuania, Russia
Produced by Red Dot Media (Latvija), In:Script (Lithuania) 2022.
Rights available- world wide, excluding Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)
ORIGINAL TITLE: Krimināllieta iesācējam
On May 4th , 1995 Latvia demolishes the last remaining symbol of Soviet power, a USSR radio
jamming station, and thus completes the country's symbolic liberation from foreign rule. But on the
very same day, the nationalist wing of the government is shook when the aide of a popular
nationalist's personal aide is found violently murdered. The murdered woman, Natalia Nolle
was a talented and formidable woman with the ability to influence the decisions made by the
politicians of the reestablished Latvian government. Knowing that the killing was a political one, the
senior staff of the police force assign the murder case to a young, up and coming investigator. As
he investigates the murder case, he finds traces of a grand conspiracy.

The series takes place in 1995. in a Latvia that has only had it's reestablished independence for 4
years. During this time, the country has managed to elect a parliament, restore Latvia's reputation
internationally and come to an agreement with Russia for Russia to remove it's military forces from
Latvia.  However, the invisible power of the Russian military still remains. The KGB's shadow
network of agents still exists and can act at any moment.  Latvia is frequently visited by foreign
investors who can easily trick the inexperienced government leaders of Latvia. Russia is covertly
and slowly regaining it's influence in the new Latvian democracy.  This is a unique conundrum. The
country was but recently still behind the iron curtain, which was forced on it through violence by the
USSR, but now it's in a completely different situation where it has liberty and the ability to decide
how to govern itself. Yet the remnants of the USSR are still there in this new democracy. The
parliament is full of not just naive freedom fighting patriots, but also experienced members of the
old Soviet nomenclature who have quickly managed to change their rhetoric and slogans. Who is a
real patriot and who is just pretending  for pragmatic reasons isn't clear and hard to tell.

The old law no longer applies while the new law isn't clear. This is the circumstance in which one of the protagonists finds himself in. The career criminal Nitišs, who spent the last 10 years in prison. He was tried and incarcerated under Soviet rule, and is released in to a completely different kind of country. Nitišs; world no longer works. The brotherhood of professional thieves no longer exists and all his savings are gone. The only thing he still has is his ability to pry open complicated locks, and this is what eventually leads him in to the scene of the crime.

Rookie investigator Kārkliņš knows that he's been handed a dangerous case, and that nobody is going to save him if he fails. He is driven by a mix of naiveté and the desire to spite naysayers as he pursues leads and discovers things he wasn't meant to know.

Natalia Nolle knows all of the written rules, as well as all the unwritten ones. She is influential, her opinion being able to sway the decisions of politicians. Natalia has a fantastic education from the KGB spy school. Her mind and skills is exactly what shaped her employer in to a very important politician. The fates of these three completely unrelated people are changed when Natalia allows herself to fall victim to feminine weakness and trying to make things right in her personal life.


The structure of the series is based around three plot lines that all begin at different points and move at different paces until they all converge on the day of Natalia's death. Every plot line has it's own protagonist and unique elements. In Natalia's story, the influence and methods of the KGB are revealed in events spanning from 1968 to the present.  The story of Nitišs is the story of a man who enters a world no longer familiar to him. He entered prison in one country, and came out in a completely different one. Nitišs always had to live under two sets of laws at the same time. The laws of the country and the laws of the criminal underworld. But now he ends up in a situation where neither set of laws works anymore.   Investigator Kārkliņš also had to live under both regimes. He went to school under Soviet rule, but by the time he enrolled in to the police academy Latvia was once again free.

All three stories move at their own speed until they synchronize in the 7th episode, which depicts the day of the murder.


Natalia Nolle is played by two actresses. The older Natalia is played by Madara Zviedre, The younger version of Natalia is played by Diāna Krista Stafecka in her feature debut role. Investigator Aldis Kārkliņš is also played by a debuting actor: Ritvars Logins of the New Riga theater school. His boss, Major Sidrabs is played by Ģirts Krūmiņš. The professional burglar Anton Nitišs is played by Ukrainian actor Aleksey Gorbunov.

Other notable actors include: Mārcis Maņjakovs as MP Silsalka, Jurijs Djakonovs as the criminal Dima Azarjan, Hrant Tokhatjan (Armenia) as Gosha Azarjan, Valentin Novopoļski (Lithuania) as Nikolai Nolle, Yuriy Curilo (Russia) as private investigator Kim, Madara Vilčuka as Matilde, Uldis Dumpis as Natalia's grandfather, Ināra Slucka as Natalia's mother, Andrey Ilyin (Russia) as KGB instructor Kamil Petrovich.


Scriptwriter: Armands Zvirbulis, Juris Kursietis, Matīss Gricmanis, Līga Celma-Kursiete

Director : Armands Zvirbulis

Cinematographer: Gints Bērziņš, LGC

Production Designer: Rūdolfs Baltiņš, Kārlis Balodis,

Sound Director: Jānis Eglītis

Costume Designer: Jūlija Volkinšteine

Makeup Artist: Ilze Trumpe

Producers: Arta Giga, Lukas Trimonis, Ivan Razinkov